First of all, just what exactly is memory foam? Well, it’s a polyurethane foam that can be pressure or temperature reactive. Also it compresses with pressure, but when the pressure is removed the shape returns. The benefit of using this over conventional mattresses is that they apply the pressure evenly to your body when you lie on them molding perfectly to your body contours.

Initially when you first lie on a memory foam mattress it will feel cold and hard, but as your body temperature warms it up it will begin to magically mold to your body. There are several brands who make such mattresses including Tempur Pedic and Tri Pedic. Both of which offer a try before your buy deal if you are a little unsure.

Memory foam mattresses can be brought at different densities measure in lbs. Whilst this might seem trivial it can have a big overall effect on the feel of the mattress when sleeping. The most popular types are the 4lb and 5lb mattresses.

5lb memory foam is heavier and more temperature sensitive. It’s usually a lot firmer and restores back to it’s natural shape more readily. A 4lb mattress has more give, being lighter and molding to your body more. Also it is less temperature sensitive. Deciding which to choose is a matter of preference some people prefer a ‘firmer’ feel where as other like softness.

If you have the money you can get the best of both world which combines both densities, Tri-Pedic make a mattress that has a 5lb bottom layer and a 4lb top layer. This gives you the initial comfort and softness of the 4lb but with the added support of the 5lb mattress. Sounds good to me!