There are three primary mattress sizes which you could choose from when buying a mattress, but most couples automatically opt for the regular double mattress. This choice could be depriving them of a really good nights sleep.

A double or full bed is the most common type of mattress which is just 53 inches wide, amazingly this is only 12 inches wider than a single mattress, so these are a lot more cramped when they look. If your partner turns in their sleep then you could find yourself squashed up. Also they are only 75 inches long so for many people are a little to short especially if you have a bead sted.

Queen beds are 60 by 80 inches, they provide more space than a double but are cheaper than a king so are great compromise. Finally, if you have the space and money then the 76 by 80 inches of king sized mattress is the very best choice. It’s as good as having your very own single bed each pushed togethor and will ensure plenty of sleeping space which to stretch out in.