If you wake up with a sore neck, back or shoulders then you should consider the TempurPedic Adjustable Sleep System, it could aleviate all your aches and pains which you develop during sleep Tempur Pedic is chiropractic recommended mattress material, it’s by no means cheap but you will find very few people who regret buying any Temper Pedic product. With the Tempur Pedic Sleep System you get the whole package which includes an adjustable bed and with the foam mattress and pillows.

The product comes with a money back guarantee, if you don’t like it simply phone up and then they will refund you and pick up the bed free of charge so it really is no risk. Roughly only 10% of people return their tempur pedic products which I guess means 90% happy customers which is a lot of people.

The mattress with this bed is firm yet molds nicely to the body so there’s an element of softness too. Unlike traditional spring loaded mattresses this one will never start to sag and dip in the middle, a big contributing factor to back pain from sleep. The mattress material initially feels quite hard especially in a cold room but it is temperature sensitive which means when you lie on your body heat softens the mattress. This also means quite a bit of heat builds up so you may need a slightly thinner duvet or bed blanker.

The adjustable bed is a bit like two beds pushed togethor meaning you and your partner can have the bed setting to suit each individually, with different levels of elevation at either end of the bed. Of course if you want to cuddle up you can set both the beds to the same level. You can fit the bed with one sheet so it still feels like a proper double bed. You can adjust the bed using the controls which allow to raise and lower the head and/or foot and and also operate a vibrating feature which I presume is supposed to be some sort of massager. The head can go nearly to the sitting up position, great for bed in breakfast or watching TV. When adjusting the bed it is really quiet so you can do so at night with out to much noise. If you value your sleep and you can afford it then I highly recommend the Tempur Pedic Adjustable Sleep System, two thumbs up.

However if for the more money concious there are a number of other pedic mattresses that can be had at a fraction of the price, you can check out the full range of pedic mattresses right here.