The Stearns and Foster Tinsdale mattress is a luxury mattress (this means it’s not cheap!). So what do you get for your money…well, for starters, the the Belgian Damask cover, which feels fabulous to touch, is constructed with 100% New Zealand Lambs Wool. This means the top layer constantly keeps it’s shape, bouncing back after being compressed. Also as with the best cottons it lets air circulate around, this means in the winter there will be extra insulation and warmth, but in the hot summer you will be kept cooler.

The bed features sturdy egding all around the perimeter so when you sit on the edge of the bed, as many people do, no damage is done. This also allows you to sleep on the edge of the bed without it collapsing. Also as protective measure there are corner guards made from brass, they look nice as well as being functional. The cloth handles aren’t just cosmetic, they are very strong – many mattress handles are weak or cause the mattress to tear when used.

Because of the build quality and special features this mattress doesn’t need turning every month or so like conventional mattresses. The mattress comes in two primary sizes, queen and king and measures about 16 inches in depth. This isn’t a cheap mattress at around $2000 retail price, but it is definately one of the most luxurious available. To browse all Stearns and Foster Mattresses, Click Here. Current deals include up to 50% Off, Free Shipping and Free In Home Set-up.