Simmons Mattresses: Merging Past, Present and Future

If you have ever purchased a mattress in your lifetime, you will have undoubtedly come across the much-admired Simmons brand. For over 135 years, Simmons has made an indelible mark on the sleep industry with its high quality mattresses and has even been endorsed by inventors like Thomas Edison and political figures such as Eleanor Roosevelt. Today, the company’s Beautyrest line is still one of the most significant, reliable, and most asked for beds in the industry.

What distinguishes Simmons from the competition is its proprietary design – a unique network of unconnected high carbon coils that are individually encased in fabric. Each coil unit works independently and offers less motion transfer than other innerspring mattresses. The Super Pocketed Coil system used today is the culmination of years of research and improvements and now offers an unparalleled ability to allow the mattress to conform to your individual shape and weight. If you are considering latex mattresses or memory foam mattresses from Tempur-Pedic, Simmons also offers products that use comparable if not better materials. We offer a Simmons mattress comparison on Simmons mattresses including Beautyrest, Beautyrest Black, Natural Care, ComforPedic, and Simmons Kids.

The Beautyrest collection is the flagship line of mattresses that is synonymous with Simmons. The Classic, Anniversary and World Class versions boast increasing degrees of support and a variety of sleep surfaces. Choose the Beautyrest Exceptionale for two stories of pocketed coils, or the NxG line that combines the company’s best coils with a memory foam surface.

The signature Beautyrest Black collection merges the enduring traditions of the original Beautyrest with an attention to design that is in a class of its own. The Advanced Pocketed Coil system features high-density triple wrapped coils for long-lasting support, and the Transflexion Comfort Technology enhances an already proven sleep surface.

Buyers seeking the finest natural latex beds will be thrilled with Simmons Natural Care – a line of highly conforming and hypoallergenic mattresses made of material derived from rubber trees. Available in three models, sleepers will find an array of soft and firm mattresses that are exceptionally durable and all natural.

The ComforPedic line offers exclusive and unique advancements in memory foam technology. The NxG foam developed by Simmons solves many typical complaints about overheating and sinking, keeping you cool and comfortable throughout the night. This mattress is available in five configurations as well as an affordable line for those on a budget.

Simmons Kids offers proud parents an exceptional line of mattresses designed especially for babies, toddlers, young children and teens. Slumber Time is an excellent entry-level model, and the Beautyrest Beginnings line uses the same Pocketed Coil technology that is seen in adult mattresses. If you are looking for accompanying baby furniture, Simmons offers these too.

Numerous companies carry the Simmons line of mattresses, each one offering its own configurations, sales and specials. Compare prices online or find the local Simmons mattress retailer nearest to you.