The Beautyrest World Class Mattresses is Simmons most ‘cutting egde’ mattress using the very latest materials to try and create the best sleep possible. It features the ever popular memory foam, which they call ‘Cumulus’. The mattress features 850 of gold standard Pocketed Coil which is a LOT of springs, consider average mattress often only have 300 springs. The idea of this is to provide more motion suppression, so that if you move in bed the mattress supports your movement rather adding to it, this is also great news if your partner tosses and turns and night. Infact the motion suppression is so good if your partner gets out of bed you probably won’t even notice. Around the edge of the mattress is Pocketed Cable Coiling which provides great support which is a great idea considering how many times people like to sit on the edge of their bed. Blended latex foam is incorported to the top of the mattress, to provide extra comfort and support.

All of that sounds great in theory but how does this mattress fare? As a whole Simmons produce quality mattresses, but there are mixed reports on the Beautyrest World Class mattress. A number of user comments claim that the mattress starts to sag and dip in the middle. I suspect that this is to do with the natural latex that is used, a common property of this substance is that it sags over time. Obviously this isn’t good news. Personally if this bed sounds right for you then we’d recommend having a look at some of the other mattreses in the Beautyrest range.