You know those cheapo air beds, the ones you usually use when your stopping at a friends or family? You know the ones, where they are so thin you can feel the floor, where the bed sheets slip around and eventually they end up with punctures and leaks – not very good! In steps the Simmons Beautyrest Express Bed, I guess you would classify this as a luxury cheap air bed. The first thing you’ll notice is that it’s a lot thicker than other casual use air beds ie. less chance of leaks and puncturing.

It comes fully equipped with a pump which will have the air bed inflated within seconds. A usefull feature on the pump is you can set it in reverse, so no waiting or messing around trying to squeeze air out of the bed, you can get it flat and ready to store in seconds. The top of the mattress is covered in velour. You might wonder why they have done this, but the reason is simple – to hold your bed sheets in place, and it does, very well.

Ok it’s not going to compete with a proper mattress, and we wouldn’t recommend using it as a permanent fixture, but when you consider the cost and the included pump then this is a bargain. So if you have friends or family round, or decide to go on a camping trip then you can sleep in relative comfort (actually this is as comfortable as some much more expensive mattresses!).