The Simmons Beatyrest range is one of their most popular in their range of mattresses. The feature patented coil systems called Patented Pocketed Coil® and Pocketed Cable Coil™. These are singly wrapped coils that more feel of each other. The idea of this is this is that the mattress moulds to your body better, provided better over support for each part of your body, eliminating pressure points. It also reduces the transfer of motion when you are sleeping. There is also what they call the ‘No Flip Design’ – you are supposed to flip your mattress regularly to stop it sagging – this coupled with the Triton® Foundation is supposed to prevent mattress sagging, which many mattress suffer from over time.

Over the mattress is a special kinted fabric that readily stretches, this works in synery with the pocketed coil system. The actual mattress is made from layers. The top layer is a light mattress, which allows your body to sink snuggly into it. Next is a thicker mattress layer with Ultra Tex foam. This is much sturdier and thicker, and compliments the top layer provide solid support for the comfy top layer – the best of both world. Overall the construction and build quality is superb, only the finest and most durable materials have been used, including some rather exotic materials…New Zealand Wool, Chinese Silk, Mongolia Cashmere, Belgium Damask Ticking and Canadian Spruce!

As you would imagine this mattress is fantastic, however it is quite expensive. As with a lot of things it’s a case of you get what you pay for. If you are desperately seeking comfy deep sleep then look no further than the the Simmons Beautyrest Connoisseur Mattress. Highly recommended.