Function meets style with this latest range of Vera Wang inspired mattress from Serta. Vera Wang is a world renowned fashion designer, she designed each bed to retain the comfort that Serta is renowned for whilst adding a new level of style and elegance.

The signature mattress in this series features include the use of incredibly soft Sensura fabric which is not only soft and cool to touch but also very resilient, so it’s luxury feel is retained through out the lifetime of the mattress. This coupled with the new Sheer Veil overlay to create unprecedented levels of comfort.

The inner mattress is constructed from a blend of technologies and materials. First of all you get Serta’s custom Support Foam, Memory Foam and natural Latex foam which all work to perfectly shape and conform to your body. This means your weight is perfectly distributed through the foam technologies, meaning no pressure spots, which can cause you to keep changing your sleeping position during the night.

And underneath all these plush layers of foam is the Custom Support Innerspring, featuring no less than 814 coils. But where things get really clever is there are zones of double and single coils, which are strategically placed to mirror the weight distribution of the human body – the double springs are in the place where most of your body weight will be and the single coils in the area where less weight is applied. This gives excellent natural support for your spine, especially useful if you have lower back problems.

There’s also a solid foam edge, to provide extra support and give a nice sturdy seating edge. And if that wasn’t enough there’s also a layer of Comfort Quilting. This is combination of egg crate foam and fluffy fibers which work to provide even more comfort.

So, Vera Wang Mattress … if budget is not an issue then this is one of the finest luxury mattresses money can buy, but you also get peace of mind as Serta offer a full 20 year warranty on all Serta Vera Wang mattresses.