The Royal Pedic Royal Latex 7-Zone Mattress is amongst the very best of latex mattresses, it’s been reported that well known actors, sportsmen even two kings use this very mattress! It is constructed from luxury materials sourced from all over the planet…natural latex from Indonesia, cotton from the US, lambs wool from New Zealand. The fabrics used are all one hundred percent pure cotton. The mattress is hand tufted, which creates the dimples in the mattres which is done by stitching inner padding. The mattress is available in all sizes with a choice of firmnesses.

As the name implies there are seven firmness zones and these are the foot and ankle, the lower legs, the knees, the pelvis, the lumber, the shoulder and upper back and the head and neck. The zones mean the mattress is designed exactly to support the human body and normal sleeping positions with all the right support for the right places. This makes absolute sense if you think about it, most mattress have just one zone, but each of our different body parts are a different weight and lay in different positions.

The other stand out feature is there are no springs, so you don’t get the coils creating movement when you move in your sleep, which can disturb your sleep. The mattress also has built in ventilation so body heat doesn’t build up, again this can disrupt sleep. Unlike memory foam latex isn’t heat sensitive so you get a consistent level of firmness. Even with two people the mattress provides single body support for each person.

From a health point the mattress is great too, hypoallergenic, hygienic, and antibacterial. There are a variety of pillow tops available so you can tweak the firmness to suit. You will also have to by the box spring seperately. Basically, if money is no problem then you must consider the Royal Pedic 7 Zone mattress, it is pure quality.