A big selling feature of the Royal-Pedic All Cotton Bed is that it made from natural fibers, yes you guessed it, cotton. This means it doesn’t have any polyurethane at all, some people don’t like this material firstly because it’s man made, secondly because it can smell a little funny. You can get this bed in all double, queen and king sizes to suit.

The top mattress is about eight inches deep which are supportd by hard wood slats. The steel fram supports the box springs. There are over 80% more inner springs in the mattress than regular mattresses which is an example of the excellent quality. All this means that the bed is nice and firm and not likely to sag like traditional bed sets. The cotton material are hypoallergenic and dust mite protected which is a nice bonus. You also get pillow top pads which certainly provide a nice luxurious place to rest you head.The whole bet set comes with a ten year warranty, so there’s some peace of mind if you decide to buy this bed which is just as well as it isn’t a cheap purchase. That said we believe that you shouldn’t skimp on your bed, as not getting good sleep can affect your health. So with that in mind we can recommend this product highly!