As the name implies the Restonic Grand Palais Mattress is a luxury mattress, visually it looks very plump and grand, created from layers of plush fibers and softer foams. Most mattresses need turning over every now and again to keep them in good working order, not this one, clever quality design means this isn’t needed. The center of the bed is heavily reinforced, so this prevents any sagging and therefore no need to flip this mattress over regularly. Also the fact the mattress is made from foam and latex helps with this. The sturdy build doesn’t stop their though with the edges reinforced with steel

You can choose either a blue or beige color and it comes in twin, full, queen and king sizes. The bed is constructed from an acetate based material that they call MicroSafe, this is anti bacterial so stops bed bugs living on your bed. The mattress comes with a fifteen year warranty.

The mattress is what I would describe as firm but with a top layer of soft support, which is pretty much ideal for most people. Overall a rather good mattress, with good build quality that should last for many years.