The feature that makes the Nautilus Sleep Systems Signature Series Mattress popular is both sides of this air bed air fully adjustable. I’m surprised more mattresses don’t have this as mattresses are very personal things, what may feel right for one person will give another back ache. The whole mattress is supported by air chambers top to bottom which are fully controlled by external means ie. a pump! Features include: 2.5 ounce fiber filled pillow topper, one and a half inch ComfortVent foam layer, a quilted polyester knit ticking, and foam rail internal support. Each side of the mattress is operated by it’s own controller.

Despite the fact this bed is fully adjustable there have been some mixed reviews, on the whole people really rate this mattress, but a minority find that no matter how many times they change the air pressure it’s still too uncomfortable. Basically this air mattress might not be for everbody so as usual be sure to try before you buy as it’s not cheap coming in at over $2,000.

There is a 90 money back guarantee offer, however you will have to knock a few days off that, because when the mattress arrives it comes in nearly a dozen seperate boxes! Just kidding, it’s not too bad to set up. But reviews also indicate that some of the material ware quite rapidly, and within a year the mattress isn’t as good as when you first had it.