Jamison are one of the longest establish mattress makers, crafting mattresses since 1883. They are also widely recognized as one produces of the highest quality of mattress. So what makes Jamison mattresses so highly regarded?

First of all Jamison select only the very best materials with which to construct their mattresses. They also use cutting edge mattress making techniques and technologies to create mattresses designed for different tastes and needs.

Conventional mattresses use innersprings. Jamison wasn’t happy to stop there, and so created the Jamison Smart Coil. The smart coil uses two coils where conventional mattresses use one. This means that when your partner starts tossing or turning, or rolls over the movement is absorbed into the mattress, and so you are not disturbed by the movement. The high quality doesn’t stop their…

Jamison use high quality cashmere and conjugate fibers as the material for the mattress for ultra comfort. But Jamison haven’t rested on their laurels, moving with the times they have created their very own memory foam mattresses…

The benefits of memory foam moulds perfectly to the sleepers body shape providing, even and constant support and no pressure spots which you can get with conventional mattresses. Jamison has three models of memory foam mattres, the Talalay latex, Visco memory foam and Omalon foam. The conventional foam mattresses last for ages, but need to be regularly turned. The latex mattress, on the other hand, don’t last quite so long, but don’t need to be turned. And just like the coil mattresses Jamison only use premium materials.

Of course this high craftsmanship and luxury materials means that Jameson mattresses don’t come cheap. But as with many things, this is a case of “getting what you pay for.” A mattress is one area you shouldn’t really skimp on, after all you do spend a third of your life on one! If you shop around you may well be able to land a discount, so don’t be afraid to haggle.

(Other mattress in the Jamison range include the Jamison Balance, Equalizer, and Vita Pedic. Crest Collection and Imperial Contour mattresses.)