Why you need an allergy mattress cover. Every time you sleep on your bed cells from your skin drop off, gross I know, but it happes to all of us all of the time. These dead skin cells make up a lot of the dust that collects day to day. When sleeping this dust can collect on the beds sheets and go through to the mattress.

The problem with this is that this build of dead skin cells can trigger allergies and asthma. Microscopic bed bugs live off the dead skin cells and it is these little blighters that can cause the allergies. What needs to be done is minimize the build up of dead skin cells.

Making sure that your bed sheets are washed regulary will go a good way to doing that. But it’s not so easy to stick your washing mattress in the washing machine! A simple and effective method is to buy an allergy mattress cover, these stop the skin cells going through to the mattress and can be washed with bed sheets.