Posture Spring Mattress
(King Koil has the widest range of FIRM, yet COMFORTABLE spring mattresses to suit every one’s need.)

  1. Deep Quilted Cover
    Every Posture mattress features a beautiful cover deeply quilted to resilient foam for the ultimate in luxury and back pampering comfort.
  2. Bonded Comfort
    Multiple cushioning layers are each permanently bonded one to the other to prevent shifting and bunching. This extra step means additional years of sleeping comfort on a firm, level surface.
  3. Coirtec Insulation Pad
    King Koil adds an insulating grid that is cladded directly on the posterized coil unit. Cushioning stays firm and smooth because it never pockets into the coils.
  4. Posturized Mattress Coils
    The tempered-steel inner spring units, center third region reinforced with Chiro-Span bands. The result is a sleeping surface that provides added back support and stays level and firm for superb edge-to-edge comfort.
  5. Flex-edge Support
    King Koil’s unique edge supports prevent sagging around the borders providing you with 20% more usable sleeping space. It’s just one more way Posture Bond will improve your total sleeping environment.
  6. Chiropractic Endorsement
    The Posture Mattress system offers comfort and support so exceptional it has earned the endorsement of the International Chiropractors Association ®, who assisted in the design of the King Koil Spine Support Collection.
  7. 10-year Limited Warranty
    Every Posture Mattress sleep set is constructed to meet the most exacting standards, using only the finest materials. King Koil so is confident of their quality that each set is backed by a 10-year limited warranty against manufacturing defects.